Have you ever wanted to look different, have a better physique and above all a better personality? We are talking about complete physical, psychological and external transformation. What difference would it make to you if you had a better physical health, had greater ability to manage stress, feelings, procrastinated less, were more efficient, confident, assertive, had better decision making abilities, problem solving abilities and managed time and relationships better? What if you also dressed and groomed better, and you had a better public image?


Sounds like a dream come true, yes, you could do it. Announcing a complete Transformation package with experts from their respective fields. Transformation is a premium service for the highly motivated individuals who want to reach their full potential by taking responsibility of change. All candidates will be screened by interviews before they are accepted for the program.


Currently launching only at Nagpur, and soon will extend to Mumbai and New Delhi.




Three months. Beginning August 2016.


Seats - Very limited


Major areas covered:


Psychological make up




Grooming and dressing



Would be worth it.


How does it work?


There will be a thorough assessment before we begin the customised program.


We will assist you with individual and group sessions in personality development, grooming, addressing issues that you want help with. Our personal trainers will assist you at the gym personally, and all the work that you do on yourself will be supervised.


Are you interested?





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