Asira Chirmuley has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University, Mumbai. She has received Advance Training in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Theory and Techniques from Albert Ellis Institute, New York.


Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training is now a Satellite Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, Affiliated Training Centre, India. It is situated in Bhaskar Colony, Thane west.


Asira Chirmuley is a visiting faculty for Masters Program, Clinical Psychology, at Vivekananda College, Kurla. She works as an expert counselor at Type A Thought, an online counseling platform.

She also practices at Kulheri Centre, Nerul.


She has conceptualized and executed several training programs and workshops founded on Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for schools, colleges and Mental Health Professionals.

She has also conducted community awareness programs and camps on Prevention of Alzheimer's Disorder- 'Anticipate, Act, Amplify' , Schizophrenia , Orientation to Counseling  -A systematic pathway towards well-being, and Prevention of Suicide- Step back to think clearly.


Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training

(Know Behold Transcend)

The most liberating phenomenon of all is the present moment, we cannot alter what has happened, we cannot control what happens but we can definitely exercise our choices in this very moment.

A simple yet profound component of mental well-being is about embracing this dynamic present moment with rational choices and approaches.




Psychotherapy/ Counseling

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Online counseling via Skype

Children and Adolescents

Parental Counseling

Geriatric Counseling

Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training

Primary and Advance level RECBT Training Programs

RECBT Internships

Caregiver Support Groups

Monthly Meets for caregivers of Alzheimer Patients

Coping skills for Depression

Caregiver Skills Training


Self Development - 'Contemplate to Expand'

Rational Thinking Modules for Teachers

Downloading De-Stress

Managing Procrastination

Essentials of Parenting


Internship Highlights


- Comprehensive theory and practice of REBT CBT

- 60 hours of training

-  Supervision and specialised sessions  by Dr. Shishir Palsapure

- Certification from Albert Ellis Institute, Affiliated Training Centre, India



Contact Details



602, Prathamesh Apartment,

Bhaskar Colony,

Thane west












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