Vijay (name and other identifying info changed) 45 year old businessman knew exactly what he needed to do to increase his profits in his already booming business. He also had an efficient team of consultants, managers and highly qualified employees working for him.  Still, he could achieve only 90% of his annual target. This had been the scene consistently for the last few years. Though he knew the steps he needed to take, he was not able to execute his plans at the right time. Upon consultation we assessed the internal blocks to his progress. Vijay learnt the dynamics of the problem and the obstacles to the goals. In just 12 weeks of working on his blocks last year, he made significant progress. In 2013-14 he achieved 95% of the target and is expected to achieve more in the coming year. This obviously translated into a whooping few hundreds of Crores of turnover!


If you are willing to work on the internal blocks to your progress, write to Dr. Shishir Palsapure at with a subject ‘Executive coaching’ and we shall be happy to help. All the information will be kept strictly confidential. All the interventions are based on highly researched methods and techniques of Cognitive Behavior therapy. CBT has over 1000 research studies to support its efficacy. Dr. Shishir Palsapure has received training at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, Philadelphia with Drs. Aaron Beck and Judith Beck, the pioneers of CBT and at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York.




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