Happy Business Team Our intervention programs are aimed at increasing profits for a company through reducing health care costs, improving employee efficiency, skills and reducing employee stress. Every organization spends substantial amounts of money on Employee health care and loses money due to absenteeism, insurance and decreased productivity of employees. We offer intervention with all levels of employees of any organization to deal with these issues resulting in increased profits for a medium to big sized organization. The programs such as Stress management, wellness, de-addiction and Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are based entirely on evidence based therapies viz. CBT and REBT. This translates into efficacy of the program, and it doesn’t end up being a program that had a feel-good factor, but didn’t work. Following EAPs are currently available and all EAPs are custom made for any corporate.


WELLNESS Attitude – A Positive Mindset Grief and Loss – Coping Strategies Stress and Burnout Dealing with chronic pain


PEOPLE SKILLS Assertive Communication Bullying Behavior and Coping Tactics Difficult Behavior of Others – Tips to Manage Communication – Benchmarks for Success Conflict – Ironing it Out Constructively Difficult Conversations – Tackling the Challenge.


Gender sensitivity


CUSTOMER SERVICE Complaints and Anger – How to Manage and Diffuse anger, dealing with burnout.


LIFE SKILLS TRAINING Dealing with negative emotions like Depression, Anxiety and Anger, handling procrastination, decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, persistence at problem solving, risk taking, inter-personal relationships.


SUBSTANCE ABUSE AT WORK Preventing Substance Abuse at Work, Drug and Alcohol, Smoking Cessation


INTERNET ADDICTION Social media and Internet addiction.




Employees can contact us online/phone for their counseling. The company is charged a fixed minimal amount per employee, and 8 sessions are offered per employee per year.





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