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Announcing the launch of Albert Ellis institute’s Affiliated Training Center’s satellite office at Mumbai, Thane and Pune in India.



The center is founded and run by experienced psychotherapist and supervisor Dr. Shishir Palsapure. He is an associate fellow and supervisor of the Albert Ellis Institute New York, USA. The co-director of the institute ATC is Dr. C.G. Pande. He is Associate fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute, New York and directly trained with Dr. Albert Ellis.


The launch of the center will make it easier and less expensive for mental health professionals to get trained in the first two practica that are offered at New York.


The various training workshops offered under AEI India and certified by AEI New York, USA are:


1. Primary Certificate practicum of the AEI

2. Advanced Certificate practicum of the AEI.

3. Primay Certificate of Child and Adolescents of AEI

4. Advanced Certificate of Child and Adolescents of AEI

5. Associate Fellowship of AEI


Both these courses are affiliated to the institute, and the attendees who complete the levels shall be eligible for the Associate fellowship at the AEI, New York.


The ATC also offers services like Online supervision of therapy recordings, community based workshops, corporate workshops and services, group therapy, couple therapy and one to one counseling. Various unique programs will be launched throughout the year.


We are committed to offering high quality training in REBT and CBT, and Dr. Shishir Palsapure has been successfully conducting training workshops for the last 8 years. His workshops are immensely in demand due to his style, approachability and clarity in the training.


The center is located at the heart of the City Nagpur, which itself is in the heart of India.


Dr. Shishir Palsapure, MD, M.Sc., a practicing psychotherapist with vast experience, he is an Associate Fellow, Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy supervisor, certified by the prestigious Albert Ellis Institute, New York, NY, USA.


This title is awarded on meeting the stringent requirements of the international training standards and policy review committee. He has also received training at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, Philadelphia, PA, USA.


These two institutes are the premier institutes set up by the founders of REBT & CBT. He has trained hundreds of psychotherapists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals and thousands of non-professionals and students in a variety of mental health related topics. Dr. Palsapure is known for his approachability as a trainer, skills at training and therapy.


 Rohan Pande is a counsellor and trainer. He has training expertise in CBT and REBT. He is also clinical hypnotherpist, NLP master practitioner and advanced life coach. He is an author of a marathi life coaching book. His area of expertise are cbt with chronic diseases, depression and Anxiety. He has organised and facilitated many CBT and REBT workshops with Dr. Shishir Palsapure.

Asira Chirmuley has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University, Mumbai. She has received Advance Training in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Theory and Techniques from Albert Ellis Institute, New York.

Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training is now a Satellite Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, Affiliated Training Centre, India. It is situated in Bhaskar Colony, Thane west.

Dr. Sukhada Chimote is the first Consultant Psychiatrist in the country to start the Satellite Office of Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated Training Centre, India.

In addition to her daily clinical practice with a busy day of seeing 30-40 clients, she is actively involved in community mental health initiatives, school related developmental activities and corporate training. Her areas of interest include Child & Adolescent mental health & Emotional Intelligence.




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