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The strength of a counsellor comes in his ability to relate , Being patient , forgiving and flexible.


Dr Shishir has all the above and to add to it all he is genuinely concerned when he is approached in those times of need, when even a best friend can't help, but Dr. Shishir gives his time and his words which are simple and just make u feel better.


-Arvind, 32.

REBT teaches us to be comfortable with our imperfections. It helps to react reasonably at extreme situations; makes us realise that we are normal human beings and to accept our flaws. With the help of an expert, it is indeed possible to implement REBT techniques in daily life. It is possible to be perfect in imperfections, to be strong in weaknesses, and to be happy in own ways.


-Anu, 28.



CBT 1, 2, 3




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